The British Virgin Islands was our honeymoon destination and I truly wished I made a conscious effort to put together cuter outfits. For our 'moon I chose to disconnect completely from social media and clearly my own fashion style. So my outfits weren't "instagram worthy" and thus I don't have any full body pictures from our honeymoon to showcase now that I have this blog. 

There's nothing more fun than being a woman and dressing up however you like, to embody whoever you want.

-Melissa Segebre-Stamnos

I was really excited when I came across the idea of creating a honeymoon style quiz. I personally love taking style quizzes or any quiz really to see what results I get, how accurate it possibly is, and if its a fashion quiz  what inspiration, if any, can I get from it. Creating this quiz from scratch took me a bit of time and a lot of energy channeling my inner fashion goddess but thankfully with the help from the girls I was able to launch quicker than I thought.

Do you tend to pack basics? Do you pre-assemble your outfits to wear? Are you more of a "wear whatever I want depends on my mood" kind of girl? Women can be all over the spectrum with their style, have no particular style at all, or be super zoned in on certain colors and patterns they wear. But how does it translate on your honeymoon when you're wanting to dress a little more instagram worthy and feel romantic? 

Click here to take the quiz and get inspired by your honeymoon style options at the end.

Melissa Segebre- Stamnos
Queen Bee of Honeybee Bride and Head Honeymoon Wardrobe Stylist. Melissa is based in New Orleans, LA and lives with her husband and two fur babies, Grover & Bailey, who you will sometimes see living the good life on instagram.