Honeybee Bride is the byproduct of an obnoxious obsession with the bridal world, fueled by more than a decade of retailed experience. What was first, a sweet, but small idea became a reality with a big push from life.
Here's our story:
Melissa Andrea Segebre is the Queen Bee behind the shop + our Head Honeymoon Wardrobe Curator. She was once a stressed, yet determined bride in the market for honeymoon essentials. After having to visit more stores than she cared for in search of the perfect island-chic wardrobe, she decided to take matters into her own hands… or should we say, wings?
Cue in the beehive.
Melissa has been obsessed with all things bridal for as long as she can remember. With a strong background in fashion and retail, she understands what honeymoon-ing babes need and want. 
No need to shop around searching for the cutest resort-wear and/or summer vacation outfits! No matter the month you're shopping, we gotcha babe.
Honeybee Bride aims to become your go-to honeymoon shop making your honeymoon-ing in style easy with the latest trends, a few classics, and your all-time-favorite honeymoon items all in one location. Best part? You can wear our curated pieces again at any other moment under the sun ;) We won't tell!
We hope we exceed your shopping expectations! If we do not, (we know expectations sometimes are a wee bit high and/or are not met), we understand! Please do not hesitate to sends us an email and give your suggestion(s); we like to hear from our financial supporters i.e our customers (be real, not cruel; we're humans too!). 
We appreciate your support for our Latina owned, small business. 
Reach us babes at support@honeybeebride.com