Bridal Series: PART ONE

So, you’re getting married?

Congrats! Welcome to a fun, exciting, stressful but rewarding time of your life. No matter how far out from your big day you are, we can help! Let’s jump into it.

My name is Allie! I am a copywriter for Macy’s in New York City & also a bride of such a fun wedding year (wedding date is Nov. 7, 2020). I teamed up with HoneyBee Bride to do a mini bridal series inspired from my experience. With this series I hope to help brides find not only their style for all bridal festivities but also share in my experience as a COVID Bride and some do's + don'ts i've learned along the way. So, are you ready?

One of the biggest things I struggled with as a bride was finding something to wear. I wanted to feel special, pretty, show-stopping but also not so elegant that it didn’t fit the vibe of my wedding. Good luck telling a store employee that mouth-full. 

On top of that big request, I didn’t have the budget to spend 100s of dollars on a dress that I will probably only be wearing once. Then there’s at least 2 bridal events, each with its own dress code. Tons of shopping for white going on...

So, how do you find the perfect dress to wear in the midst of saving money, getting a great product AND standing out? You’ve come to the right place. 

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak " by Rachel Zoe

Second, no matter what season you are getting married in, we have summer styles always ready to shop! No more “winter faves” as you prepare for your June wedding. On top of that, our honeymoon section fulfills everything from a cozy vibe to a full on tropical island. You can find whatever you need! Whether that’s a dress, bathing suit or accessories, we’ve got you covered.    

Lastly, we have an array of products, not just super bride focused! If you’re looking to stray a bit from the traditional “bride” apparel, we have options! Not everything as a bride needs to be white or say “bride” or “fiance.” We believe our styles should last much later than just the wedding season and that’s what we strive for!                                 

No matter what type of bride you are, we have a style for you! From dresses, jumpsuits, hats, bags, or tops & bottoms, Honey Bee Bride is your one-stop wedding shop! Check back for more detailed posts about what to wear & when as a bride!              

I hope you've enjoyed this read! Please share with your loved ones and let us know if there is any subject you'd want to know more about.

***This is not a paid sponsorship post.

Allie Bernatek                                    

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